FIA Past Papers FIA 1200+MCQs | FIA Past test

FIA(1200+MCQs) Past test MCQs which are conducted by Virtual University (VU) all over Pakistan


These questions are compiled & collected from various tests like Constable, ASI, LDC, UDC, SI & Assistant between 13 December 2021 to 25 December 2021.


Facebook was founded in? February 2004 Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Leaders’ book is written by? Richard M. Nixon

Which country completed covid 19 vaccination first?UK

Christian population percentage in world population?31.11%

The disease which spread in air is called?Airborne Disease

Synonyms of comprehension is? Understanding

GDP stand for? Gross Domestic Product

GDP ratio 2020/21 is? 1.5%

Abbreviation of WAPDA is? Water & Power Development Authority

Abbreviation of CSS is? Central Superior Services

Abbreviation of WASA is? Water & Sanitation Agency

Abbreviation of NADRA is? National Database and Registration Authority

Indubitably synonym is: undoubtedly

The four numbers in an IP address called? Octet 

Quran pak ki sb sy choti surat? Suresh Kosar

Kis bird ka zikr quran me howa? Hudhud

SIM stand for? Subscriber Identity Module

SIMM stand for? Single In-line Memory Modul

WAN, MAN, kis k component han? Computer Network

WAN stands for: Wide Area Network

LAN stands for: Local Area Network

CD stands for? Compact Disk

Quran pak kis nabi pr nazil howa? Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH)

Macedonia capital is? Skopje

Which is the rainiest place in Pakistan? Murree

Who was the host of Prophet Muhammad in Madina? Abu Aiyuub Al-Ansari R.a

Azan is not preceded before Namaz?
A) Eid ul Fitar
B) Eid ul Azha
C) Funeral Prayer
D) All of these

If a person has gold
Zakat is payable.
A) 6 1/2 tolas
B) 7 1/2 tolas
C) 8 1/2 tolas
D)9 ½ tolas

How many times has Brazil won the World Cup
A) Four times
B) Twice
C) Five times
D) Once

What is the shortcut key for ‘Find and Replace’
dialogue box?
A) Ctrl+A
B) Ctrl+R
D) Ctrl+M

The meaning of Baqarah is
A) Sheep
B) The Ox
C) The Goat
D) The Cow

Imam Muslim was born in
A) 817 AD
B) 819 AD
C) 821 AD
D) 823 AD

Warsak Dam is constructed on the river:
A) Indus
B) Kabul
C) Jhelum
D) Kurrang

Which of the following views is the best view to use
when setting transition effects for all slides in a
A) Slide sorter view
B) Notes pages view
C) Slide view
D) Outline view

Which key on the keyboard can be used to view slide
A) F1
B) F2
C) F5
D) F7

How many times Pakistan has been elected premier of
United Nations on Human Rights.
A) 5
B) 7
C) 4
D) 3

Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?
A) ch Muhammad Ali
B) Kh. Nazim-ud-Din
C) Liaquat Ali Khan
D) Feroze Khan Noon

What is the shortcut key to “Insert Hyperlink” in a
A) Ctrl+ H
B) Ctrl+L
C) Ctrl+K
D) None of abovve

Which Surah of Quran has Bismillah twice?
A) AI Nehal
B) Ahzaab
C) Al Namal
D) AI Noor

The highest non-operational Military Award is ?
A) Tamgha-e-Basalat
B) Tamgha-e-Imtiaz
C) Tamgha-e-Khidmat
D) Sitara-e-Basalat

When was Nawaz Sharif first elected as PrimeMinister?
A) 1988
B) 1989
C) 1990
D) 1991

K-2 is present in which mountains range?
A) Pamir
B) Hindu Kush
C) Karakoram
D) Himalayas

The national flower of Pakistan is?
A) Tube rose
B) Rose
C) Jasmine
D) All the above

The largest dam of Pakistan is:
A) Tarbela
B) Mangla
C) Hub
D) Warsak

Subtropical deserts are with parched terrain.
A) Hot
B) CoCol
D) None of these

Which is the highest peak of Pakistan?
A) Pamir
B) Nanga Parbat
C) K-2
D) Rakaposhi

A Namaz which has six additional Takbeers offered.
A) Eid
B) Jumma Prayer
C) Funeral Prayer
D) All of these

Who was the last viceroy of India?
A) Lord Irwin
B) Lord Attlee
C) Lord Wavell
D) Lord Mountbatten

Badshahi Mosque was built in year:
A) 1673-74
B) 1677-78
C) 1682-83
D) 1686-87

Who wrote “A Nation is born”?
A) K. B. Saeed
B) Syed Mahmud
C) Syed Mohsin Ali
D) I. H. Qureshi

Which desert of the world is known as “friendly
A) Thar desert
B) Sahara Desert
C) Gobi Desert
D) Kalahari Desert

CPU stand for: Central Processing Unit

CPU parts are? the arithmetic and logic unit (ALU),main storage, and the control unit (CU).

Number of words in first Kalma: 7

Minimum font size in ms word is: 8

Formula start in Ms Excel with: =

AC stand for: Alternate Current

Paradise is under the ..... Of mother : feet

Kalimullah titile of : Hazrat Musa (A.S)

How many kinds of shirk are there: 3

Iran old name is ? Persia

Father name of hazrat Ali Abu talib is? Abu Talib ibn Abd al-Muttalib

Death of Abu dawood was happened in?889 AD 275Hijri

Fiscal policy in Pak reason is? The key objective of fiscal policy is to enhance and sustain economic growth and therefore to reduce unemployment and poverty. .

2006 blind cricket world cup won by? Pakistan

malala yousafzai got Noble prize in? 2014

Antonym of splintered off is: repaired or reconnected

If x is positive and y is negative which one should not be negative: 2x-y

Number of dependent territories in the world is: 58

Gwadar is ---- of Pakistan: Backbone

Toba traveled from Karachi to Multan at 50 mph. She travelled back at 60 mph. Which one of the following
options is correct:
A = average speed of both sides
B = 55 mph
(i) A>B (ii) A<B (iii) A=B (iv) None of these

Ali’s one day work is 3/33 of total. How many days will it take to finish the job.
(ii) 11 (ii) 33 (iii) 10 (iv) none of these

Which one is Rabi Crop: Wheat.

GDP stands for: Gross Domestic Product

STN stands for: Shalimar Television Network

2.8m : 40cm =? 7:1

Country in North East of Pakistan is: China 

Synonym of Jittery: Nervous

Synonym of Indolence: Idol

deformation in Pakistan is due to: Agriculture,Industrial and infrastructure expansion.

Warsak Dam is on River: Kabul

First country which introduced antibodies against covid-19: UK

Hazrat Ali (R.A) was son of: Abu Talib

If we divide 1300 among X, y & z according to ratio 6:4:3 then how much extra X will get from z? 300

Quran was revealed in the month of: Ramazan

Number of Holy books: 4

If A is 0.25% of B then value of B is: 100%

If we want to add A1 to A4 in Excel which is correct formula? =Sum(A1:A4)

Which one is ms Excel command: merge cells

Change orientation of file to portrait or landscape is called: page layout

Highest Waterfall- Angel falls (Venezuela)

GDP stands for – Gross Domestic Product

MBA stands for – Master Of Business Adminstration

5% of 100 dollar is: 5 dollar

Parts Of Hadith are: 2

Hazrat Umar accepted Islam after inspiring from surrah : Taha

Area of Sahra Desert : 3.5 million miles square

Landlocked country – Afghanistan

Tourists want to visit areas – Northern

Mother of rivers is : The Mekong River

Cast down meaning : upset, sad, disappointed

Antonym of coy is: brazen

Second belief of islam : believe angles

In madina there were jews tribes – 3

Changed name of persia – Iran

Table in powerpoint – insert~table

Picture in powerpoint – insert ~ picture

Temporary storage in computer – RAM

Simplest ratio of 30 : 6 = 5:1

Autosum feature is available under : editing group and formula tab

City hosted 2006 commonwealth games? Melbourne,Australia

In Which amendment downfall of first term of BenaziR Bhutto – 8

In which agreement ceasefire line of control? Simla

Synonym of squeamish : nervous

HTML proposed in – late 1980s

Facebook launched in 2004

Which feature tells verified account? Blue check mark

Synonym of apathetic: uninterested

Synonym of beleaguer : surrounded

Argumentative and controversial demeanour – Polemic/capricious

Ship sank in a – straight/strait/ streit – strait

Radcliffe award declared on? 17th august 1947

6 < 2m-4 < 12.. the value of m is? 6 or 7

Root of root 2 is? 1.18 , If x:y = 3: 5 , X:z = 5 :7 The value of y:z is? 5:7

Velocity of waves at mantle increases/decreases/remains constant ? decrease

Oxygen in every cell of body represents: RBC

The shortcut keys to close document: Ctrl + W

Area of a triangle in a given rectangle with length 12m and width 8m: 48m2

Data is represented as discrete signal in which computer- Digital

In analog computer input is never converted to : digital

Thar is also known as friendly desert

Allama Iqbal went England :1905

Greenwich situated in : London

Gwadar port province: Balochistan

CD stands for : compact disk

Secondary memory: External memory

MSB : Most-significant bit 

Cache memory are used between CPU and : Main Memory

Marie curie got noble prize in 1911 in which field: chemistry

International Criminal Police Commission adopted its current name ‘Interpol’ in : 1956

Country which is not a member of International Criminal Police Organization at the time of its establishment is : United States

Which country has more involvement in Interpol : France
Nanga Parbat height: 8126m
Heightest pass with 6000 metre height: Muztagh Pass
Idiom ‘square meal means': A square meal is a large,healthy meal that makes you feel you have eaten enough.
Holy prophet Muhammad PBUH is : sadiq

First book of Hadith compiled by: Muwatta Imam Malik

Sunan Ibn Majah is a collection of hadith compiled by: Imam Muhammad bin Yazid

Pakistan name was coined in 1933 by: Choudhry Rahmat Ali

Which movement start in Bangladesh in 1971 : Mukti Bahini

Pakistan population wise : 5th

Total area of world: 510.1 million km2

Fortitude: courage
Pacify: appease
Proclivity: liking
Dauntless: fearless, determined
Brawl: fight
Fatigue: tiredness
Crushed: squash
Haphazard: random

Facebook was founded in :2004

SRAM used for : Register, cache memory

PHP stands for: Hypertext Preprocessor

GPO stands for: General Post Office

SSP: Senior Superintendent of Police

The Charismatic Leader: Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the Creation of Pakistan written by: Sikandar Hayat

Who gave title Quaid Azam to Muhammad Ali Jinnah: Moulana Mazharduain shahed

Who created Ottoman empire: Turks

Sibi is in which Province: Balochistan

Deforestation is caused due to: Agriculture expansion

By default, your documents print in: portrait mode

SSS full form is: Social Security System

Average age of 5 member is 66, 34 is wrong as 43.what is the total actual age of members: 321

Smallest ratio of 7:21 is (1:3)

Brazil Won the Footbal Cup for How many time? (5 tims)

Zakat and Usher Ordinance Implementation year. (1980)

Nisab of Gold Zakat (7 and a Half)

Roh Ullah is the Title of? (Hazrat Eesa AS)

Nehru Report Represented under the Chairmanship of?( Motilal Nehru)

Cutting the trees makes disturbance to? (Ecosystem)

SAARC HQ is in (Khatmandu)

Ninth President of Pakistan (Muhammad Rafiiq Tarar)

In Power Point First Slide name? (Title slide)

Percentage of Balochistan in total area of pakistan ? (42%)

Pakistan joined CENTO in (1955)

Pituitary gland work as :lt senses the body’s needs and sends signals to different organs and glands throughout the body

Sir Creek Line is in between? (India and Pakistan)

Biggest Cell in Human Body is (Ovum)

KK Aziz Wrote? (The Making of Pakistan)

Professional Social Media App is (Linkedin)

Rainiest place of Pakistan (Murree)

East Pakistan new name (Bangladesh)

Pakistan hockey won first gold medal in (1960)

Australia won Cricket World Cup 2007 Final Against (Sri Lanka)

Which organization came in to being in 1989 (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)

MB stands for (Mega Byte)

Shortest Surah of Holy Quran (Surah Kausar)

Bird Mentioned in Quran (HUD HUD)

Ctrl+z used for (Undo)

SIM Stands for (subscriber identity module)

WAN and MAN are components of (Internet)

CD stands for (Compact Disc)

Macedonia Capital is (Skopje)

Quran Revealed on (Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

Shortcut key for 1.5 line Spacing is (Ctrl+5)

Getting data from Different sheet is called (Referencing)

Standard Resolution of VGA is (640X480)

Diameter of Compact disk is (12 cm)

In banks data check on the Cheques is read by the following Device (MICR)

The process to remove errors in program is called (Debugging)

Facebook Founded in (2004)

Leaders book Written by.(Richard Nixon)

First Chief Justice of Pak was: Sir Abdul Rashid

Largest Cell in human body: the ovum

3rd PM and President of Pakistan : Mohammad Ali Bogra & Yahya Khan respectively

Seato and cento contract: 
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), and the Central Treaty
Organization (CENTO) were considered necessary in the postwar period to protect member-countries from Communist aggression and conspiracy.

PM in 2008: Yousaf Raza Gilani

aggression meaning : mumble (speak unclearly)

Largest DAM of Pakistan: Tarbela

Largest desert : Antarctic Desert

Highest mountain in Pakistan: K-2

RAM: Random Access Memory

ROM types : ROM is further classified into 4 types- MROM, PROM, EPROM, and EEPROM.

SRAM: Static random-access memory

DRAM: dynamic random access memory

Justify in MS word : Ctrl + J

Encryption: In cryptography, encryption is the process of encoding information

CPU: Central Processing Unit

CCTV: Closed-circuit television

ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit

Logical operator : A logical operator is a symbol or word used to connect two or more expressions such that the value of the compound expression produced depends only on that of the original expressions and on the meaning of the operator. Common logical operators include AND, OR, and NOT.

Segmentation : The process known as segmentation is a virtual process that creates address spaces of various sizes in a computer system, called segments.
... Segmentation speeds up a computer's information retrieval by assigning related data into a “segment table” between the CPU and the physical memory.

URL: Uniform Resource Locator

Largest ocean area of what percent of world: 30+%

2nd largest desert : arctic desert

Six takbeer in which prayer (Eid)

Synonym of Pedagogy (education )

Facebook application is owned by (instagram)

Highest mountain in pakistan (K-2)

Short key to start slideshow from first slide (F5)

Who compiled and collected ahadith in Kufa (Imam Bukhari)

How many famous book revealed (4)

Substropical desert (Hot and dry desrt)

During simla accord PM of India (Indira Gandhi)

Three tiers of local govt (Uniom Council ,Tehsil Council ,District Council )

K2 situated in which range (Karakorum range)

Father of Computer (charles Babbage)

M.Ali jinnah was a (Lawyer)

As per treaty of Madina sacred state (Madina)

National Floral of pakistan (Jasmin)

First state acceded pakistan (Bahawalpur)

PML stand for (Pakistan Muslim League)

World longest Glacier situated in (Antarctica)

Muslim League founded in 1906 in which city (Dakka )

In which year Pakistan defeated South korea in hockey final in Seoul game (1988)

Main cause fall of Muslims (separation from islam)

Main focus of Social media (sharing, learning,interacting, and marketing.)

CPU used to ( Process) the data.

CU stand for (Control Unit).

Southwest africa now called (Namibia )

In 2012 international campaign to abolished nuclear weapons won which Nobel prize (The nobel peace prize)

Internet is the example of (RAM)

Which Application owned by Facebook (instagram)

Ms power point is a example of (Application Software)

Largest dam in pakistan (Tarbela dam)

Taqwa means (fear of God)

Which angel responsible to sending Rain (Mekaeel )

Speaker is (output device )

Lowest depression of dead sea (The lowest land area is the shoreline of the Dead Sea Depression in Israel,Jordan and Syria. It is approximately 413 meters or1355 feet below sea level.)

Through air pandemic (covid19)

Cease fire line converted into Line of control in which year (1972)

Largest lake in the world (Caspian Sea )

Tenure of Chief Minister of province (5 years )

LDA stand for (Lahore development Authority )

Where prophet stayed with Abu bkr RA (Cave Soor)

Taiwan new Name of (Formosa)

Who is considered as Man of destiny ( Napoleon)

No sea or dry port in province (kpk)

What meant by contiguous Zone (The contiguous zone is an area of sea contiguous to and extending seaward of the territorial sea).

Line of control originally name (ceasefire line)

2020 olympic game held in which city (Tokyo)

2026 olympic game will held in which country (Italy)

OS stand for (operating system)

KB stand for (Kilobit)

Printer is (output )

Gmail is ( Email Service)

Cntrl+U (underlined)

Cntrl+B (Bold)

Data can’t store permanently in (RAM)

URL stand (Uniform resource locator)

Hadith says best among the persons who (best manners and character )

Nawaz sharif elect as first time PM of pakistan (1990-1993)

Cricketer and also PM of pakistan (imran khan)

Antonym of planned (unintentional )

Highest Non operational military award (Sitara-i-Basalat )

Lowest Non operational military award (Tamgha-i-Khidmat )

Kati bandar port in which district (thata)

Against Bangladesh Pakistan highest ODI score: 385

Total export of pakistan in agriculture (21%)

Pak won world cup in 2020 in which game (Kabbadii)

CNN stand for (Cable News Network)

Silk road passes through (china & india)

Main memory of computer (RAM)

Eid prayer (wajib)

Which country is not SAARC member (Turkey)

K.k. Aziz wrote book name? (The Partition of India and Emergence of Pakistan. The Pakistani Historian)

Bativa old name of? Jakarta

Ctrl+z key for previous action? Undo

Social media app to sharing pictures and videos? Instagram

Lack Jackson location? Florida

Objective movement present for? 8 years

East Pakistan new name? Bangladesh

Pakistan wins first hockey final for gold medal in

which year?1960(rome)

Australia won world cup final 2007 against? (SriLanka)

1989 which international organization became?(Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)

1 byte= 8 bits

Bigest unit of memory? Yottabyte

MB stand for? megabyte

 Educating the people through computer? E learning

Brazil won football cups how many times? 5

In quba hazart Muhammad s.a hosted by? Hazrta abu ayub ansari RA

Zakat & usher ordinance year? 1980

Nissab of Gold zkat? 7 1⁄2

Rooh ullah? Hazrat Esa (as)

 Azan not compulsory for two prayers.

Nehro report presented under the chairmanship of? moti lal nehru

 Cutting the trees creat disturbance to? Climate

SAARC organization HQ location? Khatmandu

In the absence of president of Pakistan who become president? senate chairman

In Ms Excel column are represented by? Letters

In power point first slide name? Title slide

 Biggest export of Pakistan? textile

Pakistan joined SEATO & CENTO in the years of? 1954 and 1955

Biggest cell in human body? Ovum

 Pituitary gland work? tell other organs to release hormones

 Balochistan area percentage total area of Pakistan? 44%

Sir Creek line between India and Pakistan which boundary? Run of kutch/ Green line

Iran old name ?Persia

death of Abu dawood , 889 AD 275 Hijri.

2006 blind cricket world cup won by, Pakistan

malala yousafzai got Noble prize in, 2014

Greenland was discovered by: Erik the Red

Which of the following straits separate Florida from Cuba? 
(A) Cuba Strait (B) Florida Strait (C) Mexico Strait(D) Beriand Strait

To which Prophet did Jews call the son of ALLAH? Hazrat Uzair (A.S)

What Allah says in taisymas? a) oneness b) kindness c)love

Gazwah ahzab (khandaq) in which hijri? 627 AD. 5hij 

DOS stand for? disk operating system

Sql stand for? Structured Query Language

Cease fire line between which countries? Indian and Pakistan.

Navay headquarter is in? Islamabad

HTML Stands for? Hypertext Markup Language

How many judges in high court of pakistan? The court consists of a Chief Justice and sixteen other judges.

Computer port means? a jack or socket that peripheral hardware plugs into.

Outermost layer of atmosphere is? Exosphere.

Indus river starts from which location of Pakistan? Gilgit-Baltistan.

Currency of Italy is? Euro.

Staple food is in Pakistan? wheat.

Human body temperature in Kelvin is? 310 K.

Shahid afridi centuries in how many balls? 37 balls.

Semi water found on which layer of earth? Earth's Outer Core.

Human heart is covered by which liquid? Pericardial fluid.

Ms word is used for? A)Designing b)making text paragraphs c)calculating.

New Zealand capital is? Wellington.

How many desert are in Punjab? 2.

On western locations of Pakistan which country is? Iran.

Unit of resistance is? ohm

Saving data in CD of computer not in the following option? a)operating system b)ram c)video d)audio.

Binary of 1 and 0 is? a)bit b)byte c)nibbles.

Surat Al arz written by? Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi.

First governor of Punjab is? Sir Francis Mudie.

Quran in which language: Arabic.

Short history of Pakistan written by: Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi.

Volatile Memory: RAM.

Non volatile memory: ROM.

Pixel size: roughly 1⁄96 inch (0.26 mm).

2 time bismilah in which surrah: Surah Naml.

Literal meaning of Akhirah: life after death

Pakistan decleared as republic in which constitution: first constitution of 1956

2005 pakistan beat Australia in hocky, 21 August 2005

The memory component in CPU is: Cache

K.K Aziz book name: the murder of history, the making of Pakistan

ASI abrivation: assistant sub inspector

NAM abbreviation: none aligned movement.

How many time pakistan elected as human rights: 5

2nd PM of pakistan: khwaja nazimuddin

1953 to 1955 PM of Pakistan: Mr. Mohammad Ali Bogra

Terbela is away from Islamabad: 137 kms or 85.1 miles.

First hydro power station of pakistan: Dargai Hydropower Plant, malakand.

Short key of Hyperlink in word: Ctrl+k 

Draft documents view: Alt+Ctrl+N

Slider shorter view: Alt + V > D

Warsak dam kis darya p hy? Kabul  

Imam Muslim R.A ki death Date? Sunday, 24 of Rajab, 261 AH (875 CE)  

Quran is in which language?(Arabic) 

Al-Baqarah means? Cow 

Oldest capital? Damascus  

Pound is currency of? UK 

HTML is ..... Hypertext Markup Language!  

What is the natural primary element used in computer?(Silicon)  

Which is not output?(Scanner) 

Key to bold text? Ctrl+B 

Key to "Find and Replace"? Ctrl+H  

Who was the 1st COAS after creation of Pak?(Gen.Frank Messervy) 

Devastation synonym:destruction 

Effective synonym: operative 

What is mode of 52,50,52,18,7,3,7,2,2,2? 2  

Length 12,width 8,depth 6m How much soil will dig out? 576m3

 Abbreviations :

PIA: Pakistan airlines USB: universal serial bus 
DVD: digital versatile disc
 LCD: liquid crystal display 

Deepest port of Pakistan is: Gwadar

 Friendly Desert of Pakistan is: Thar Desert 

A nation is born book is writtene by: Lois Sepahban , Cedric Thornberry,

 Bhambore archaeological site is located in which province of Pakistan: Sindh 

Muhammad Bin Ismail wrote which book: Sahih Al Bukhari 

Largest river of Pakistan: Indus

 Microphone is an example of: input device 

Inventor of computer is: Charles Babbage

 Pakistan Stock exchange merged all stock exchanges in which year: 2016 

Who did not take part in first table conference: Indian National Congress 

Badshahi mosque built in which year: 1673 

TCP stand for: Trading Corporation of Pakistan

 WAPDA Stand for: Water and Power Development Authority 

Muhammad morsi declared as Egypt first freely elected president in which year: 2012 

Mangla dam is the ___ world’s largest. 12th 

How many satellite present in Jupiter:53+26 =79  

Which country got noble prize in 2017 in the field of medicine: U.S

Synonyms :
Brawl: fight
 Gentility: respectability 
Advice : guidance 
Resilience : flexibility 
Subsided: abate 

Antonyms :
Lavish: meagre 
Accidentally : deliberately
 Hilarious : sad or serious
 Leisure : work 

Snapchat is owned by: Evan Spiegel, 31, and Bobby Murphy, 33

 Taraweeh is: Sunnah 

Quaid remained president of Muslim League for: 31 

Allama Iqbal became member of punjab legislative council in: 1927 

Muakhat e Madina happened in whose home: Abu Ayyub Ansari 

Jami-e-Quran is the title of: Hazrat Usman 

Organization of French speaking African Countries: Francophonie 

Sum formula in excel: =SUM (number1, [number2], [number3], ...) 

Zoom-in command in excel: Ctrl + Alt + plus sign (+)

 Synonym of indubitable : undoubtable

 Software used for teaching through computer : Educational software 

Formula of diagnol of quadrilateral : If we suppose the length of a square is L, then the length of the diagonal = L √2. area of a square = L2 

Surface area of a cube whose volume is 64 and is cut horizontally : A=6a² (a is length of edge)     

5th  president of Pakistan: Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry 

Musharraf dismissed which prime minister of Pakistan during martial: Nawaz Sharif 

Shortest tenure prime minister of Pakistan: I. I. Chundrigar

 Total area of thar desert: 175,000 square kilometers 

Where is prophet Muhammad burried: The Green Dome, Medina, Saudi Arabia

 In which ghazwa Jews and infidels of makka fought against Muslims: The battle of the Trench is also known as Ghazwa e Khandaq 

Fastest memory of computer: Cache memory 

LED stands for: light emitting diode 

LCD stands for: liquid crystal display

 Windows can be installed in which memory: non- volatile storage

 CU stands for: control unit

 WASA stands for: Water and Sanitation Agency

 HEC stands for: Higher Education Commission 

Captain of Pakistan cricket team during 2015 world cup: Misbah-ul-Haq 

Total area of thal desert: 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi) 

Total area of Asia continent: 44.58 million km² 

Reason of desertification in Pakistan: water erosion, wind erosion, depletion of soil fertility, deforestation, livestock grazing pressure, 

CSS stands for: Central Superior Services 

  Musharraf dismissed which prime minister of Pakistan during martial: Nawaz Sharif 

Total GDP growth of Pakistan during 2021: 1.50% 

Simon commission proposal was: in May 1930, It proposed the abolition of dyarchy and the establishment of representative government in the provinces

 Last viceroy of India: Lord Louis Mountbatten 

Tasmia se kia Murad he: Bismillah 

Which worship encourage Muslims to help the poors: zakat 

How many total messengers of Allah: 25 prophets are mentioned in the Qur’an, although some believe there have been 124,000 

Muhammad bin Ismael is the full name of: Imam Bukhari 
K2 is in which mountain range: Karakuram
Rabi crops are sown in ? Winter (mid-November,preferably after the monsoon rains are over and harvesting begins in April / May. Kharif crops are the crops which are sown at the beginning of therainy season, e.g. between April and May. )
USB ka full form: Universal Serial Bus
HTTP ka full form : Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Economics noble prize winner 2018: William D.Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer.
Abu Hurrairah full name : Abu Hurairah Abd al-Rahman ibn Sakhr Ad-Dausi
How Many Countries Speak Arabic Around the World?:25
al-asr meaning (The Afternoon )
barcode reader is: OCR
 CD- Rom stand for: compact disc
CD-ROM ,dvd- Rom, are : non volatile memory
 largest river in the world: Nile: 4,132 miles
 smallest population province of Pakistan :Balochistan
Hazart Hassan is the son of: Ali (R.A)
 the product of number is the sum of 169,, what is
the number? 13
 the average of 5 number is 80. The 3 number is 60,70,90.
Find the average of last to number ? 7
 natural port is:A. karachi,B. bin qasim,C. gawader
sum of all angles of a point equal to: 360°
 the degree of a quadratic equation is: 2
angle greater than 90 are called : Obtuse angle
 who pronounced first time azan? Bilal ibn Rabah
 total area of specific ocean in the world. 161.76 million square kilometers
 area of triangle formula ??? 1⁄2 bh (b: base, h:height)
Semi liquid surface of earth is ? the mantle
Minion synonym is? Flatterer, follower
Elusive synonym? Envasive
Coy antonyme? Brazen
Who said in britain parliament” on 20 February 1947 indian will be granted full self government ? Clement attlee
Belgrade located ? 20°28’ E
Indian cricket team should eat .......... To confront Pakistani bowlers? An humble pie
Which bone is not part of human body?Neumrus
F11 in excel used for? Chart
Abu jahal son name? Amr ibn Hishām
Ankara old name? Angora
Who won hockey in common wealth 2010? Australia
Asian games 2014 held in which country? Korea
Where 2006 common wealth games played?Melbourne, Australia
Red cliff award was issued on ? 17 august 1947
When Munir khan chaired in PAEC? 1972 to 1992

Alshamoor company of iraq is for? Cement or oil?

Average depth of pacific ocean is? 4,000 meters (13,000 feet)

Al istibsar book is written by? Jafar hassan tusi

The political system of Pakistan book is written by?Khalid bin syed

Pakistan in search of democracy 1947 to 1977 book is written by? Hamid yusuf

HTV stand for: Heavy transport vehicle

CMOS stand for: Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

Who motivated Quaid e Azam to rearrange Muslim league?

What 25 percent of 25 percent of the 144? 10

Muslim League establish in 1906 in which city: Dhaka

When Sudan join arab league? 19 January 1956

Thar desert is which type of desert? hot subtropical desert

CPU stands for: central processing unit

URL: uniform resource locator

4th pillar of Islam is: zakat

Which surrah related to Pious women (Al Noor)

Bhutan 2nd name is: Druk yul (literally, “country of the Drukpa Lineage” or “the Landof the Thunder Dragon,”

CNN stand for: Cable News Network

BBC stand for: British Broadcasting Corporation

2028 Olympics games will be held in: Los Angeles (California, USA)

Heads of zakaat are: 8

Upper indus plain devided into how many parts: three subdivisions

Population grown of Pakistan in 2020-2021: 2%

Snapchat owned by: Evan Spiegel, 31, and Bobby Murphy, 33 (USA)

Berlin city is near Longitude? 52.5200° N, 13.4050° E

Facebook launched in: 2004

Instagram owned by: Facebook

Twitter owned by: Jack Dorsey

Which desert is in Balochistan: The Kharan Desert

ASEAN was founded in the year: August 8, 1967,Bangkok, Thailand

Controversial amendment of Article 58 was done by: General Zia-ul-Haq

Christianity population of the world: 2.382 billion (31.11)%

If two sides are equal of triangle then it is called:isosceles

Tiktok launched in: 2016

In which reign Holy Quran was compiled in 1 book:Abu Bakr R.A

CPU cannot access which memory: external hard drive

Hard drive is : non-volatile

The price of house is 9000$ with 10% discount what is actual price: 8100$
If radius of circle is 2 and angle is 84° what will be the arc? Length of an Arc = θ × (π/180) × r, where θ is in degree.
In the area of 100 m which network will use: LAN
LAN stand for:local area network
MAN stand for: metropolitan area network
GPO stand for: general post office
Sir Creek line was founded in: 1935
Who was the chairman of the partition of Punjab and Bengal in 1947: Sir Cyril Radcliffe
Allama iqbal borned on: November 9, 1877, Sialkot
Alama iqbal joined legislative council in: 1927
Gandhi called Lahore resolution as 2nd round table conference was held in which year:September 7, 1931
144/1.44 = 14.4/x then value of x?
(b+2)(3b-6)=z then value of (b+2)(b-2) is?
If p is +ve integer then value of (p-1)/p
Synonym of yen: desire
Synonyms of equilibrium : balance
Suez canal connects?: Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea
Old name of Madina: Yathrib
Second pilar of Islam: Namaz
Land locked county : Afghanistan
Currency of Canada: Dollar
Shalimar Garden build by: Emperor Jahangir
RAM stand for: random access memory
NCC stand for: National Curriculum Council
Father of email: Ray Tomlinson
Facebook owned which application : Instagram
Share of agriculture out of total export: 25 percent
Left align short key: Ctrl + L
8th president of Pakistan: Farooq Leghari
Who opposed joint governor general: Jinnah
The viceroy post was eliminated in? Upon independence in August 1947, the title of viceroy was abolished. The representative of the British Sovereign became known once again as the governor-general.
East pak new name. BANGLADESH
Who compiled hadiths in kufa.
When EU establish? November 1, 1993, Maastricht,Netherlands
African organisation of French speaking countries?Organisation internationale de la Francophonie
BASIC stand for: Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
What is mean by WWW? World wide Web
Punjab area? 205,344 km2
Hayat e javed written by ? Altaf Hussain Hali
Allama iqbal was a? Poet
Tarbela dam located in which districts? Haripur Districts
Lady who take part in contest for president in Pakistan?Fatima Jinnah
Kargil war faught in which year? 1999
Mount everest in which country ? Nepal
Artical 25 is related to ? equality before the law
First baloch PM of Pakistan? Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali
Reason of deforestation in pak? Agriculture expansion
Simon commission arrived in which year? 1928
Who use word Nation for muslim first time in indo-pak? Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
Lowest military award in pak? Tamgha-e-Basalat
Prophet SAWW uncle whose name come in Quran?Abu Lahab
Hazrat Umar RA sister name who reciting Quran when umar RA listen and impressed from islam? Fatimah bint al-Khattab
Which Pakistani scientist died in 1994? Salimuzzaman Siddiqui
Khalifa who faught with fake prophets? Abubakkar RA
Where is the biggest hydro-electric power station found in Pakistan? Tarbela Dam
Abacus invented by Tim Cranmer
Silver Fibre of Pakistan is ? Cotton
DDL Stands for data definition language
Pakistan heart of asia book written by Liaquat Ali Khan
How many messenger of Allah described in Quran? 25
Abu al wafa was from which country? Iran
How many Heads of Zakat are? 8
Sindh was separated from Bombay in ?1936
HBFC Stands for House Building Finance Company
Batavia is the old name of? Jakarta
To remove watermark from all pages in ms word?Remove water mark option
If a Pakistani national Hindu lives in UK and send money to Pakistan, it is the net income or gross income? Gross income
Initial followers of Issa were called? hawariyoon
Who was the first Ameer e Hajj in 9th Hijri? Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)
CNN stands for? Cable News Network
Under which amendment military courts were formed? 21
Who was the captain of the world cup in 2015 in Pakistan? Misbah UL Haq
Sher e Bangle was the title of which personality?Fazal ul Haq
When did Barack Obama win the Noble Peace Prize for? 2009
In which country summer monsoon does not cause Rain? England
Which of the keys is not on the number keypad?Ctrl
Highest Military operational award Of Pakistan?Nishan-i-Haider
Lowest Military operational award Of Pakistan?Tamgha-i-Jur’at
 Which parts of the earth are always cold?Antarctic, Artic
 Fazal ul Haq Was... Prime minister of Bengal
Headquarters of RCD (Regional Cooperation for Development) in which country? Iran
USB stands for? Universal Serial Bus
Normal human body temperature 98.6 f corresponds to....... 37c
SSI stands for? Small-scale integration
 Kharif crop sown in which month April
 Sindh Tas agreement signed in? 1960
two sides were given in right angle triangle . find area? 1⁄2 bh (b: base, h: height)
Suez canel length? 193.30
 continental crust consist of rocks? silicates
 car decease its price 10% annually. Price of car is 10 lac. What will be the price of car after 2 years. 890000
 underlined tag used in html? <u>
 username on which screen of computer. Login screen
 who died in 2nd round table conference: Muhammad Ali Johar
Oslo Capital of? Norway
cultivated area of Pakistan: 22.1 million hectares
 area of thar desert: 238,254 km2
 mirani dam is on river: river Dasht, about 40 km West of Turbat, District Kech, Balochistan.
 changa manga forest situated miles from Lahore? 80 kilometers
 lahore agreement after which war: Kargil War in May 1999
 Himalayas range comprises of series. 3
burhan wani killed in: July 8, 2016, Shopian district, Jammu and Kashmir
best method to show gratitude to Allah:Alhamdulillah
website hosted on which computer? server
 Extension of ms excel? .XLS
 Rio treaty signed by america in? In 1947 in Rio de Janeiro
CD-R Stand for: compact disc recordable
 sunan ibne maja by is written by: Imam Muhammad bin Yazid Ibn Majah al-Qazvini
governor of GB: Raja Jalal Hussain Maqpoon
US President during creation of Pakistan was:Harry S. Truman
word strike option in ms word in which tab: home tab
longitude measurement instrument founder belong to which country: John Harrison, UK
Brussels longitude is: 50.8476° N, 4.3572° E
1st constitution after how many years; 9
 FIA STAND FOR: federal investigation agency
Second-generation computer date? 1959-1965
Brain of computer? CPU
Which one is fastest memory? cache
Computer derived from? A Latin word “computare”
Limit of ms word text size? 8, 72
Excel date entry shortcuts? Ctrl + ;
Height of K2? 8,611 m
India ny kashmir py qabza kb ki? 5 January 1949
Foreign Minister of Afghanistan? Amir Khan Muttaqi
Which country got 221 medals in 2006 commonwealth games? Australia
CPEC length: 2442-kilometer
Baroque : fancy
Scuffle: struggle
Alleviate : reduce, ease, lessen
Premier sea port of Pakistan : Gwadar
ASEAN established in: August 8, 1967, Bangkok,Thailand
Which country left UN first: Indonesia
Pakistan neighbor landlock country: Afghanistan
Tiktok founded in: September 2016
Peking is the old name of: Beijing
Smallest resolution screen unit: pixel
Total length CPEC......2442km
The smallest resolution Windows supports is: 640*480
First book of allama Iqbal: Ilmul iqtisad
CPEC is also known now as: game changer
Malala yousafzai got education from which university :Oxford
How many times is Iblis (ش ی ناط ( mentioned in Quran?11
Who died during second round table conference. : Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
Twitter launched year? March 21, 2006
Picture and video sharing app? Instagram
Tiktok launch year. 2016
Afridi fastest century against which country. Sri Lanka
Power point first slide name: title slide
Power point main esc button kia kam karta. To stop presentation
Fatsest memory of computer. Cache
Magabyte to kilobyte. 1mb=1024kb
Ms word main next paragraphs jany ki key which is press enter. Shift + Alt + Up or Down arrow keys
Pakistan ky South aor East main kon sa country hai:Arabian sea and India respectively
India ky sath 1948 ky bad first larai kis issue par hui:August 1965, Kashmir issue
EPROM stands for: erasable programmable read-only memory
Governments website is known by: Gov
NATO stands for: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
2nd kalma: shahadah
Types of hadith: 2
Page number option in Ms word: switch over to the“Insert” tab on the Ribbon and then click the “Page Number” button in the “Header & Footer” section
 Nefarious synonym: evil
 www founder were: Tim Berners-Lee & Robert Cailliau
Qauid started practice at Karachi or Bombay?Bombay
snapchat owned by: Evan Spiegel, US
instagram owned by: Meta
shift + f4: Repeats the last Find action
usman buzdar: Chief minister of Punjab
Kargil war: 1999
East Pakistan new name? Bangladesh
ROM stands For? Read only memory
Balochistan weather is extremely..........? very cold winters and warm summers
Length Of Indus river: 3,180 km
UNIVAC Stands For: Universal Automatic Computer
Durannd Line Between Which Countries: Pakistan & Afghanistan
Synonym Of Furore: disturbance
 Antonym of lechery : chastity
Why Pakistan Leave Cento in 1979: In 1979, the Iranian revolution led to the overthrow of the shah and Iran's withdrawal from CENTO. Pakistan alsowithdrew that year after determining the organization no longer had a role to play in bolstering its security.
Hazrat Muhammad Leave ( Hazrat Ali ) On Bed when Migration
Big Exporter of Pakistan is china
Which Country Help Pakistan To complete Gawadar( China )
 Who was the Prime minister When President Zia UL Haq was president Muhammad Khan Junejo
If Room Length is 3 and Width 2 then what ratio will be..? 3:2
West South Africa Name Suidwes-Afrika
 Caribbean and Common Market was start: The Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) was established by the Treaty of Chaguaramas, which was signed by Barbados,Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago and came into effect on August 1, 1973.
Balochistan Area is more hottest Area
Synonym of decimate annihilate
 who advised Hazrat Abu bakar to combination of
Quran in single book: Hazrat Umar (R.A)
Power station of nuclear in Pakistan : KNUPP
in Which City Secretariat of assembly After Pakistan : Karachi
Who presented the flag of Pakistan 11 august 1947 : Liaquat Ali Khan
Which is not belong to internet :1. HtML 2. ICC 3. TFC
 In 2007 Which Country Beated Pakistan in Champion trophy : India
 What will you do if two Muslims clash with each other : 1; Be quiet 2; querral 3; rebuke 4 ;Collide
 in 75:95 which is smallest Ratio → 15:19
FAT stands for.....? File Allocation Table
MAN stands for ...? Metropolitan Area Network
Pasni port is located in.....? Pasni City, Balochistan
IBM international company is owned by which country...? U.S
Messengers sent by Allah to complete best morals....?
Matrix whose rows and columns are not equal.....? rectangular
Pakistan sports board found in....? 1962
The underline word “ highly “.....? adverb
“Ahzab” literally means....? confederates, or “the clans”, “the coalition”, or “the combined forces”
Synonym discomfort? Irritation, pain
Antonym of the word “messy “....? clean
Biggest ocean covering 70 million + area....? Pacific
SDRAM and DRAM are ....? Synchronous random access memory (SDRAM) is the same as DRAM except that regular DRAM is asynchronous.
Synonym of Dense.....? heavy
IPv6 means.....? Internet Protocol version 6
Which apps are included in office suit.....? 
Current literacy rate in Pakistan. .....? 62.3%
Food digests in???? the small intestine
Fanatic synonym??? extremist
CAM stands for? Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Rank of Thar desert in world ? 20th-largest
Balmy synonym? Gentle, mild
Platitude synonym? commonplace
Who born inside in Khana Kaba? Ali ibn Abi Talib (601-661 CE)
Which surah consider preface in Holy Quran??? Al-Fatiha
Normal body temperature (98.6 F)
Which of following is not included in Ashra mubshra (Hazrat Bilal R.A)
Profession of Quaid Azam (lawyer)
Number of peaks in Pakistan which are above 8000M:(5)
AjK stands for: (Azad Jammu Kashmir)
SSI stands for (Small scale integration)
Snapchat is owned by (Snap.Inc)
Social media are organized by (Organizations)
Macros option in MS word is present in (View)
Urdu Hindi controversy (1867)
Dhaka formerly called (Dacca)
Discovery of Sun spots (Ibn Rushd)
Synonym of inebriety: alcoholism
Antonym of Erratic =Steady
Idioms, Easily Taught means (docile)
Wine is called in Quran (khamr)
Short key for new document (CTRL+N)
Hardware parts are also called (Peripheral components)
How to check authors name in a PPT file? Click File > Info, and then look for Author under Related People on the right.
We should not our friends? RUN through
Largest man-made lake in Pakistan (Manchar lake)
Author of book Kitaab-ul-Athar (Imam Abu hanifa)
Artificial intelligence is associated with (5th generation)
Strait which separates Italy from Sicily (Messina Strait)
A car covers 90 kilometer in 1 hour? Find distance it will cover in 40 minutes (60 kilometer)
24 labours workers complete a work in 15 days? 40 workers will complete it in: 9 days
A lady had 2800 rupees, price of a suit is 500, find number of suits she can buy (5)
Average of first 5 months temperature (36), andaverage of next 5 is 40, Average of 10 months (38)
The product of two positive integers is 100, and ratio is1:4,find the highest positive number (Sol5×20=100,ratio will be1:4) (ans 20)
OCL stands for: Object Constraint Language
PROM: Programmable Read-Only Memory
EEPROM : electronically erasable programmable read-only memory
Pakistan prime minster in 1955-56: Mohammad Ali Bogra
Who enforced 1st martial law: Iskander Mirza
Who is president at the time of first constitution:Iskander Mirza
Amazon river depth meters: 100 m
Pacific ocean average depth: 11,022 ft
Dead sea average depth: 120 m (394 ft)
Parts of IP are: two parts: the network part and thehost part
Clip art in which option: Insert tab
Ms word maximum column: 63 columns
First civil martial law imposed by: Zulfikar Ali Bhutto(1971–73)
Tahmal mean: toleration
Ctrl+shift+; is shortcut: for time
Where is Tarbella Dam located?Ans, KPK
Who is the current Governor of Gilgit Baltistan?Ans, Raja Jalal Hussain Maqpoon
When did Quaid E Azam Join Muslime League?Ans, 1913
Which Second player of Pakistan Has the highestODI (one-day Inning) runs? Ans, Muhammad Hafeez
Which International organization got Noble Prize in 2012?Ans, UNO

 ALU stands for?Ans, Arithmetic, and Logical Unit

The Tashkent agreement Signed Between Pakistanand India on? Ans, 10 January 1966

 where headquarter of Interpol is located?Ans, Loyn-France

 Synonym of Distant?Ans, Far
Synonym of Economize?Ans, Save

 Synonym of Slur?Ans, Affront, Mumble

 Synonym of Canny? Ans. Clever

Synonym of Fake? Ans. Imitation

Total Non-Permanent Members of UNO Security Council?Ans. 10

Lenght of Suez Canal?Ans. 193.30 km

 Continental Crust Consist of Rocks?Ans, 95%

 Battle of Yarmuk was fought between?Ans, Muslims and Persains

 Book foreign policy written by?Ans, Zahir shah

 When did Ayub khan banned communist Partyin Pakistan?Ans, 1954

 Which lady tried to Poison the Holy Prophet PBUH?Ans, Zainab Bint Al Haris

 Capital of Norway?Ans, Oslo

When ICAN (The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) Won Nobel Prize?Ans, 2017

 Antonym of able?Ans, Unable

 Antonym of Mortal?Ans, Immortal

 Antonym of Virtue?Ans. Vice (Ghunah)

Antonym of Arrogant?Ans, Humble

 Where Mirani Dam is located?Ans, Balochistan

Where is Changa Manga Forest Located?Ans, 80 km Away from Lahore

If you’re age is 3 year and your sister is four time older tha you what will be the age of your sister when you were in 12 years: 21

Which surah is heart of Quran pak: Surah Yasin

 Capital of Chile: Santiago

 Quran started which surah: Al Fatiha

Qila Bala Hisar is located which city: Peshawar

Ghazwa Badr kis month ma hoi: Ramadan

Opposite meaning of Wild: civilized

 Closest meaning of Accomplish: achieve

Largest river of Europe: Volga River

 Sun is a : star

 Why parents send their children to school: to learn

 Jame-ul-Quran konsa sahabi ka laqb Hy: Hazrat Usman RA

 Rohul Qudus kis ko katha hyn: Gabriel

 Quran ki ayat ko ikhata krna ka Kam kis shabi ka zima tha; Abu Bakr

 Wo konse sahabi hai jin ki nekah main Hazarat Muhammad (SAW) ki 2 bitiyah han: Hazrat Usman

 How many players in Volley ball : 6 players

How many players in cricket: 11 players

During Shimla agreement president of Pakistan:Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

Salt mine in which region: north of Punjab

Pakistan national juice : sugarcane juice

 Hotest place of Pakistan: Jacobabad

Balgaria location: South-East Europe, in the North- East part of the Balkan Peninsula

Which country has capital itself with its country name? Djibouti

2007 world cup which team won. Australia

2007 mai opposite team knsi thi jo final match hari? Sri Lanka

Zakat on silver nisab : 52.5 tola

Zia ul haque imposed martial law on? 5 July 1977

1st martial law date? 7 October 1958

Nehru report date? August 28, 1928

Indain act 1935 date? 2 August 1935

1st president of pakistan? Iskander mirza

Last governor General of pakistan? Iskander Mirza

Pakistan won last hockey world cup? 1994

When Indus basin treaty held? September 19, 1960

Oldest forest of pakistan? juniper forests at Ziarat

Lucknow pact kb howa? December 1916

Muslims league kb bni? December 30, 1906

Dry port of pakistan? Mughalpura, Lahore

Industrial production of Pakistan’s GDP? 17.69%

Number of Pakistan in cotton producing countries?4th

 Kabadi federation of Pakistan established in? 1964 in Islamabad

 On Map Himalaya mountains showed in which colour? reddish-purple

 In 1990 Pakistan lost against which country in hockey final? The Netherlands

 When Qamar bajwa took charge as army chief? November 29, 2016

1 degree = 0.0175 radian

 What is located on south of equator? Australia and Antarctica

Allama Iqbal mother and father name? Sheikh Noor Muhammad, Imam Bibi

14 mountain which height high then 8000 f in which range? Himalaya or the Karakoram ranges

Earth rotates while sun is ? Stationary

most noble prizes winner country? U.S

Mother of nation? Fatima Jinnah

Bile juice is secreted by? the liver

 East Indies is which country old name? Indonesia

Galilee sea near which country? Israel

 GDP in 2016_2017? 304.6 billion USD

 fourth pillar of Islam? Zakat

 1999 war winner? India

length of Pak India common border? 3,323 kilometres

 Most wicket taker Pakistani bowler? Wasim Akram

Name of that place in punjab where all river fall in river Indus? Panjnad

In which ghazwa hazrat.muhammad s.a.w tooth broke? Uhad

What is the literal meaning of wahi? To deliver message

What is the literal meaning of hadith? Statement, talk

What is the synonyme of sophisticated? Worldly,refined

What is the synonym of booster? promoter, patron

Hub dam is constructed on river? The Hub River. 56 km from Karachi

Masjid muhabbat is situated in? Peshawar

2018 Olympics held in? PyeongChang, South Korea

When shabuddin ghouri defeated prithvi raaj? Second battle of Tarain, in 1192

Who was the Captain of Pakistan Cricket in World Cup 2015 (MisbaH ul Haq)

GDP Growth Of pk In 2021 (3.9 expected)

K2 in which Mountain range (Karakram)

Shortest Tenure of PM of Pakistan (Norul Amin)

Area of thal desert [10000 km2]

Antonym Splintered (Repaired)

Which one is Rabi Crops (Wheat)

Gawadar is a ( Port )

A nation is born is book written (Cerdic Thomberry)

Badshahi Mosques was Made in (1673)

Mangla dam is largest dam in world (16 th)

How many major satelite are On jupetir ( 4)

Muhammd mursi declared president (2012)

TCP stands (Transmission control protocol)

Which county Get nobile prize medicine 2017 (US researchers Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young)

Deepest port of pk ( Gawadar)

Synonym Gentility (Respectability)

Synonym Advice Guidance ( Help )

Synonym Subsided (Calm)

Antonym Lavish (Barren)

Antonym Accidentally ( Intentionally)

Antonym Hilarious (Sad)

Antonym Leisure (Constraint)

Gauche is most similar ( Awkward)

1Bangladeshi economist who won Nobel Prize 2006: Muhammad Yunus

 2010 gold medal winner of hockey at Asian games: Pakistan

1947-51 PM of Pakistan: Liaquat Ali Khan

 Bold letters option in ms word is where located? Bold button on the Home tab

How many countries UN members: 193 Member States

PB = ? (Peta byte)

 Which city is in the center of Punjab?

x:y=3/4, find (3x-4y)(2x-5y)?

kala bagh dam is at which river? Indus River at Kalabagh in the Mianwali District
(1-1/2)^2(1-1/3)^2=? 0.75

 Vertical lines in ms excel are called? Columns

which is biggest mountain in the world ? Everest

which was the benefit of Ayyub Khan government
overall to country?

in ms excel ( =power (4,2 )) = 16

length of thal desert? 190 miles (306 km)

Treaty of rapallo 1922 was between? German Republic and Soviet Russia

Sahih bukhri written by? Muhammad al-Bukhari

MiME STANDS FOR? Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

shalimar bagh? The Bagh was built by Mughal Emperor Jahangir, for his wife Nur Jahan, in 1619.It is located in Lahore

mangla dam is built on which river: Jhelum

Who appoints judges of ICJ? the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council

Exonerated antonym? Charge, convict

In Html how line break use ? <br>

Quantity a is x /|x| Quntity b is 1 A.A is greater ,B.B is greater ,C.Both equal ,D.Info is not complete
Nostaligic synonyms? sentimental

Which device initiates communication? Sender, Reciever, Internet, topology

How many types of verses in Quran? 2,4,5,8

When was joint conference held of Indian NationalCongress & All India Muslim league?1916, 1917, 1918, 1919.

All of 14 mountains of 8000 meter height lies in which range?Karakarum & Hindukash, Karakarum & Himalaya,Pamir, Karakarum.

Pakistan earn most from its exports through Textile, Sports, Wheat, Sugar.

Border between Pakistan and Afghanistan Durand line.

-Injeel means Divine, law, good news, rule.

GT road stands for? Grand Trunk Road

 MB stands for? megabyte

 LBW stands for? Leg before wicket

 When Google came into existence? 1998

When quid e azam joined Muslim league: 1913

who was appointed to compile sahifa e Abu Hurera:Abdur-Rahman ibn Sakhr al-Dawsi al-Zahrani

against whom Fatima Jinah contested elections: Ayub khan

Maulana Muhammad Ali johar was what ? Politician,Islamic scholar, poet

Mariana trench is in which country ?: United States

CTRL+] is used for ? Indent/outdent line 

5% of 5 ? 0.05

Larkana district comes in which province ? Sindh province

CBT stands for ? Cognitive-behavioral therapy

When men sleep blood pressure? Increases, decreases,fluctuates

Who compiled Hadiths? Imam al-Bukhari

Sin not forgiveable ? Shirk

When ECO founded ? 1985

General name of Pakistan during 1965 war ? General Muhammad Musa

When east pakistan separated from Pakistan? 16 December 1971

Where quaid e azam stayed his last days before death ?Ziarat

Who founded facebook ? Mark Zuckerberg

When facebook was founded ? 2004

When Musharraf gave four stage Kashmir issue plan ? 5 December 2006

When Malala got noble prize? 2014

Which organization got noble prize in 2012 ? European Union (EU)

Which second player of Pakistan has the highest ODI runs ? Mohammad Hafeez

Old name of Srilanka ? Ceylon

Old name of Dhaka ? Jahangirnagar

Who is known as charismatic leader in Pakistan ?Jinnah

1:4, 5:9 which one greater: 5:9

 ticktock launch in Pakistan date ? 2018

second largest dissert of world: The Arctic Desert

Rangon new name : Yangon

 how much time Prophet SAW spent with ayub ansaari RA : 7 months

during Yarmook which one Sahabi RA was leader.Khalid ibn al-Walid

 when pakistan join CEATO ; 1954

 facebook & youtube launched: 2004, 2005

MS word text size range : 8 point (extremely small) to 72 point (extremely large).
computer generations: 

First Generation The period of first generation: 1946-1959. Vacuum tube based.

2 Second Generationthe period of second generation: 1959-1965. Transistor based.

3 Third Generation The period of third generation: 1965-1971.Integrated Circuit based.

4 Fourth Generation The period of fourth generation: 1971-1980. VLS
microprocessor based.

5 Fifth Generation The period of fifth generation: 1980-onwards. ULSI

microprocessor based.

who Invite Hazrat Umar RA to accept islam : Nu'aym ibn Abd Allah

 warsak dam constructed on Kabul river in the year: 1960

 second largest ocean of the world: Atlantic basin

 Pakistan first women’s bank established date ? 2 December 1989

first viceroy was : Warren Hastings

 IP address use for ? identify devices

 after Z.A bahatto PM of Pakistan : Muhammad Khan Junejo

 taworrat revealed on which Prophet: Hazrat Musa (AS)

Indus Water treaty was signed in: 19th September,1960
shortest duration spend by which PM: I. I.Chundrigar

Interpol old name: International Criminal Police Commission, created in 1923, and became the International Criminal Police Organization-INTERPOL in 1956.

Gharmain :Qarz daro ko zkat dna

Haj... 9 hijri

Roza... 2 hijri

Ayubkhan k baad president... Yahya khan

GUI stand for: Graphical User Interface

Bhasha dam is in....Chilas, Gilgit-Baltistan

Internet is....(a)WAN (b)MAN (c)LAN

Pakistan declare republic in........ 1956

Career antonym ...? unsuccess

Shalimar distance from lahore.? 13.6 km

Quran pak mazlain... 7

1st pillar of islam...toheed

Ratio of circumference to radius? 2 pi : 1

Social medias are organized by ? The Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission

What enables a computer to work smoothly with printer? Driver

Scads synonym: a lot

Unearth synonym: excavate

Yeoman synonym: farmer

Inclement synonym: cold

1st wafaqi mohtasib of Pakistan was? Justice (R) Sardar Muhammad Iqbal

Which Amendment caused downfall of benazir? Eighth Amendment

FIR stands for: First Information Report

Longest motorway of south asia: Grand Trunk Road

Which prophet famous for patience: Prophet Ayub (peace be upon him)

Which of the following is greek geographer:Eratosthenes

Gaddafi stadium in which city: Lahore

Which pak player has most centuries: Zaheer Abbas

Familiar antonym: rare

Honourable synonym. dignified

KB full form.kilobyte

70.6 M sq km area of which ocean. Indian Ocean

Which port along makran coastline. Chabahar

Agr ap outing k lye ja rhy Khunjrab pass s guzrty ap k nesrest lake knsi ay gi??? Attabad lake

2016 hockey gold madel won by? Argentina

Pakistan squash player? Jahangir Khan

Shabaz qalandr ki mizar? Sehwan Sharif

India and Pakistan k drmyan glacier. Siachen Glacier

Interpol main kitny countries ki membership he. 195 members

When Burhan was Martyred? Ans, July 8, 2016

When was Tashkent Agreement was signed? Ans. January 10, 1966

Who established Khaksar Tehrek?Ans, Inayatullah khan Mushriqi

Objective Resolution was passed on?Ans. 12 March 1949

First President of Muslime League?Ans, Agha Khan

When did Islamabad become the Capital of Pakistan?Ans, 14 August 1967

When was Ghouri 2 Missle Launched?Ans, 14 April 1999

Range of Ghouri Missile?Ans, 2000 Km

Range Of Shaheen 1 Missile?Ans, 900 Km

 Which Country is in North Of Pakistan?Ans, China

 WHO is the CEO Pakistan of KFC Global?Ans, Sabir Sami

Area of Thar Desert?Ans, 238,254 Km2

 Pakistan National Anthem was Approved in?Ans, 1954

Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan died at the age of? Ans, 85 years

Himalaya Range Comprise Series? Ans. Three Parallel Series line

Where Mount Fuji is Located? Ans. Japan

Accident of Boston Tea Party took Place? Ans, 1773

 Capital of Australia? Ans. Canberra

Capital of Turkey?Ans, Ankara

 Currency of Ireland? Ans. Pound

 Radcliff by profession?Ans, Lawyer

 A dolls House book written By?Ans, Henrik Ibsen

 Wealth of Nation book written by?Ans. Adam Smith

 In which city UNO was established? Ans, San Francisco

 Hazrat AbuBaker RA belongs to which tribe? Ans, Banu Taym

 Ctrl+L used for?Ans, Left Align

 Ctrl+E used for?Ans. Centerline

 MSB stands for?Ans, Most Significant Bit

 Synonym of lots: a deal, a large amount, crowd

 Which caliphate distribute Quran copies to provincial government. Uthman ibn Affan

What was the literacy rate of Pakistan in year 2020....?? 62.5

How many Surah’s start with word Qul....? 5

Haliji Lake is found in which Province....?? Sindh

Israel is a title of which Prophet......?? Hazrat Yaqoob A.S

Hyperbole is most similar to....?? Metaphor

Synonym of Defile is ......?? Contaminate

What is the synonym of Zephyr......?? Breeze

MS Office is a/an software....?? Application

How many Stock Exchanges are present in Pakistan....?? 3

Capital of BELGIUM is....??? Brussels

How many default worksheets are available in MS Excel.....?? 3

Greenwich is situated in which city...?? London

A table in database must have ..?? Primary Key

Rice is mostly cultivated in which Province....?? Punjab

How many total Districts are present in AJK...?? 10

Software available for free of cost is called...??Freeware

How many Languages have HTML.... ?? a) 3 b) 4 c) 1 d) None of these

Tower of Pisa is located in....?? ltaly

Cutting of trees make disturbance to....?? Ecosystem

Who is the current DG ISPR..?? Babar Iftikhar

International Court of Justice headquarter is in: Hague

 which of the following organizations got most Noble peace prize? The International Committee of the Red Cross
in which surah battle of badar is mentioned? surah anfal

shortest Priminister at the time of the Musharraf. Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain

canal water dispute occurred between India and Pakistan in. 1948

 lockdown occurred in kahsmire on.5 august 2019.

DIMM stands for: Dual inline memory module.

HC stands for: high court

 dot matrix is. impact printer.

Which of following is not a type of ROM. EEPROM

 Ghani is title of: Usman R.A

VIP stands : Very important person

 5th president name: Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry

 musawat Kon sii zuban ka lafaz hain. Urdu

Who hosted Hazrat Muhammad (S. A. W) at Quba

Most prestigious night mentioned in Quran: Lailat Ul Qadar

Muslim scholar having knowledge of geology: al- Biruni

Key for full screen window: F11

Oldest storage device: punched cards and tapes

Vulgar ruler of italy: Odoacer

Idiom: Sow the dragons . Teeth

Synonym of tawdry: gaudy, showy

Antonym of harness: unhitch

How many deserts in Punjab: 2

Deodar present in which area: Himalayas of the sub-continent

Biological death occurs when: when your heart stops pumping blood

Acidity of stomach is due to: hydrochloric acid

Quaid e azam duration for governor general? 1 year, 26 days (14 August 1947 – 11 September 1948)

Prophet SAW adopted son name: Zayd

Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima Nikkha hijri? 2 AH

Imam malik died in the year of: 795 AD

Quaid e Azam join muslim legue in: 1913

Quaid e Azam gave 14 points after (Nehru report)

Which surah is 1/3 of Quran : Surah e Ikhlas

Tik tok launch by: ByteDance

F1 key is used for? Help key

Injeel reveled on: Hazrat Eesa

1st PM of pakistan. Liaquat Ali Khan

Ctrl+ B = Bold Text

National Dish of pk. Nihari

National flower of pk: Jasmine

PC stands for.... Personal Computer

Headphone is (input or output).

Ctrl+E.... (Align Center).

Karachi ko pani konse Dam se ata hai.... Hub Dam

World most famous football cup.? FIFA World Cup

sultan Muhammad fateh conquered qustuntunia?? 1451

The patient was died _____crona? Of

click the non portable device. Mobile Laptop Moniter LCD

most costline province of Pakistan: Balochistan

 When did Zia ul haq replaced zulfiqar Ali Bhutto? 5 July 1977

Synonyms of profound? heartfelt

When did Pakistan leave SEATO? 1973

 Which ocean covers 23% of all the waters? Atlantic Ocean

 the earth is located on which side? Orion Arm

 country that not win champion trophy yet?Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and England

Jansher khan wins how many times the squash championship? World Open eight times, and the British Open six times

huge server network used to store data on ? server

 NIC abbreviations? National Identity Card

Imran Khan se pehle prime minister Kon tha ? Shahid Khaqan

2nd President = *Ayub Khan*

7th President of Pak? *Ghulam Ishaq*

PM I. I Chundrigar served for just *55 Days*

Pakistan Joined SCO in *2017*

Jamrud Fort = *Peshawar*

Delawar For = *Bahawalpur*

Imam Dawood Died in *256 Ah*

Tarbela dam away from Islamabad = *102Km*

Which Orgnization Helps Police *Interpol*

Kitab Al Hind by *Al Beruni*

National Library = *Islamabad*

Ravi and Chenab in = *Punjab*

Arifa Karim Recieved her certificate at age of nine of = *Computer Technology*

Land of Thunderbolt = *Bhutan*

Dutch Pond is currency of *Germany*

First Chief Martial? *Ayub Khan*

Internet is known as *Net*

Capacity of Tarbela = *3478*

Tiktok launched in which country *China*

Antibiotics normally uses against = *Bacterial*

Urbanized Province = *Sindh*

According to Hadis one sign of Munafiq : Breaking promises

Prophet used to go in *Cave Hira* before prophethood

Smallest distance B/w Earth and Sun is in = *January*

Normal blood PH is = *7.38 to 7.4*

Length of Atlantic = *111,866 km*

Highest wicket taker of 1992 World Cup = *Wasim Akram*

2nd Largest Desert in the world = *Arabian Desert*

Highest Peak of Hindukush = *Trich Mir*

14 Points of Quaid-e-Azam = *31 March 1929*

Nehru Report was chaired by *Motilal Nehru*

The countries bordering the Red Sea: six

2nd amendment was for declared that *Ahmadis were non-Muslims*

Another name of Covid-19 = *SARS‐CoV‐2*

how many times Pakistan won Hockey Champion trophy? *3*

Head of Senate is called *Chairman*

Deputy Speaker of National Assembly *Qasim Suri*

Area Between two rivers = *Doab*

GT Road was constructed by Sher Shah Suri, 

GT stands for *Grand Trunk*

Pipri is old name of *Bin Qasim*

Who dissolved 1993 Government of Nawaz Sharif = *Ghulam Ishaq*

fifth pillar of islam = *Hajj*

Shah Wali Ullah Was *A Preacher*

CM of Punjab 2008 to 13 = *Shahbaz Sharif*

Arabic is national languagr of = *26 Countries*

Current Interior Minister *Shaikh Rasheed*

PIA = *Pakistan International Airline*

Types of HTML = *2*

WORM = *Write Once Read Many*

KESC = *Karachi Electric Supply Company*

AVERAGE formula in Excel: =AVERAGE(A1:A20)

End of Document short cut key = *Ctrl+End*

Delete word right of cursor = *Press Delete*

Computer understands language = *0, 1* (Binary Language)

Smallest Memory is *Bit*

M.Sc means = *Master of science*

Ratio of 2/5 : 1/3 = *6 : 5*

If Ahmed wants to donate 20% from his 2700rs, then his remaining balance will be? *2160*

Aamleen means *Extravagant*

Al-Asr Means *Time*

Hijrat is done mostly for the sake of *Deen* 

Quran means = *Frequently recited*

Prophet Means = *Someone who receives communication or a message from God*

Tahammul Means *Fortitude*

Laraib Means *No Doubt*

Baikal lake located in: Russian region of Siberia

Balochistan capital: Quetta

Krona currency Which country: Sweden

Ghazwa badr main kufar k pass horses ki tadad: 100 horses 170 camels

GMT stands for: Greenwich Mean Time

deleted anotynom : insert, add

full form of CD-ROM? compact disc read-only memory

full form of ADBP? Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan.

which pass conects pakistan with china? Khunjrab

length of thal desert? 190 miles (305 km)

thar deseart is also known as? Great Indian Desert

length of Victoria lake? 337 km

who was man of the match in world cup 1992 final? Wasim Akram

for how many years pakistan remained squash champion? 5 decades

who owned whatsapp? (Jan Koum & Brian Acton (Meta developers). Now acquired by in February 2014)

nisba of zakat on goat and sheep? 40

who is third pm of pakistan? Mohammad Ali Bogra

zafarullah khan jamali was what number of pm of pakistan? 15

who imposed first martial law in pakistan and when? October 7, 1958, President Iskander Mirza

Victoria river length? 348 miles (560 km)

17th Asian games in which country? Incheon, South Korea, 2014

18th Asian games in which country? Indonesia,Jakarta, 2018

LSB stands for? Least Significant Byte

I gega byte is equal to how many bytes? 1.0×109 bytes

Biological death of a person means death of tissues of which organ? The brain

First elected PM? Z. A. Bhutto

First martyr of Pakistan movement? Syed Rahmat Ali Shah

CPEC initial cost ? $47 billion

Total erable land area of world in percentage? 11percent (1.5 billion ha)

First nuclear power plant? KNUPP

Density of Population in Pakistan per Person according 2017 census? 287 per Km2 (742 people per mile 2)

Name of maternal grandfather of holy prophet? Wahb ibn `Abd Manaf

Who fought against Defaulters of zakat? Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)

Actions and doing of holy prophet known as Sunnah?

Arrangement of revelation of holy Qur’an is known as ? 

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Headquarters? New York, United States

Term “Mistress of seas” used for which country? UK

Google owned by? Alphabet Inc. (Larry Page & Sergey Brin)

Continental rocks are mainly consist of? silicon and aluminum

Garnish synonym: decorate

Defile synonym: spoil, degrade

Hubris synonym: arrogance

Abominate synonym: detest

Some hosts in talkshows Guest to make them talk in their tone. Egg up, egg on, egg upon, egg by.

No one was convinced by the_____ arguments of the lawyer.? Spacious

Idom: in a brown study: absorbed in one’s thoughts.

1 min and 12 seconds are how much percentage of an hour? 2%

No. Of languages in HTML (7)

Table in databade must have (primary key)

 Ethics are set of (Moral standards)

Pakistan National Motto (Aiman, Etihaad, Nazam)(Faith, Unity, Discipline)

Touching black stone called (Istilam)

 Land of Prophets (Palestine)

 Eid prayer is (Wajib)

Taulipir tourist spot located in (rawalkot azad kashmir)

National language of azad jammu kashmir (urdu)

Ruins of Harapa located (Sahiwal)

Kashmir Districts (10)

Mostly (Roads) are completed in 2020 of CPEC

Rehman baba is poet of language (pashto)

Pakistan took stands for Rohingya Muslims in (Myanmar)

 Northern end of Pakistan is occupied by (Himalayas range)

 Real satisfaction comes from (inner)

 Laws applied for whole world called (Universal laws)

Stressed to be done before namaz (rest)

In ethics, what is important? (Attention)

 Graphical representation of program is called (flowchart)

Worksheets in excel by default (3)

Documents print in by default mode (portrait mode)

You use to create a chart (wizard)

 PowerPoint contains for creating presentations (design templates)

Editing text can be done efficiently by (Word)?

 A table in data base must have (primary key)

Track of location of files stored in a system kept by( operating system)?

Runner up of PSL 5 (Lahore)

 Mostly rice is cultivated in (Punjab)

 Which is not multimedia among (text)

 Computer can’t (thinking function)?

 Unique address for a file, that is accessible on Internet (URL)

 What generation of computer have artificial intelligence (5th)

Spreadsheet is grip of (rows and columns)

 which statement is wrong about ROM (volatile)

National animal of Pakistan (Markhor)

Software available free of cost called (freeware)

 Senate seats (100)

 Wah city is famous for (education)

 Aluminium composition in earth (8.23%)

Railway federal minister (Azam Khan Swati)

 Picture on 1000 rupees note (Islamic college peshawar)

CPEC route is from gwadar to (kashgar)

DG ISPR (Babar Iftikhar)

Article 6 (high treason)

Which colour is amongst not a primary colour (black)

 Most time zones country (France)


 Unique: common

 Compress: expand

 Shyness: bold

 Order: disorder

Protect: expose, harm

Significant: minor

spreadsheets are of (lotus 123 and excel)

_____ commonly measure in floating-point operations per second instead of million instructions per second. (supercomputer

 Federal Investigation Agency FIA Assistant Sub Inspectors ASI Past Papers
 Federal Investigation Agency FIA Assistants Past Papers
 Federal Investigation Agency FIA Constables Past Papers
 Federal Investigation Agency FIA Steno Typists Past Papers
 Federal Investigation Agency FIA Sub Inspectors Investigation Past Papers
 Federal Investigation Agency FIA Upper Division Clerk UDC Past Papers
 Federal Investigation Agency FIA Assistant Sub Inspectors ASI Past Papers

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